Costa Rica April 2012


Our first big vacation just the two of us and my 34th birthday.

So we zip lined 660 feet in the air at 35 mph and that wasn’t the adventurous part.  The true adventure was driving 350 miles on the horribly unmarked roads in shoe box car in a third world country.  It might have been a little early in our relationship to tackle this feat but we can laugh about it now.  He now knows that I always think north is the direction I am facing.  We visited Arenal at stayed at the beautiful Nayara.  We spent our nights eating nachos, getting massages,  and drinking Baileys in the hot tub.  We filled our days with ziplining, waterfall swimming, walks through the jungle, and ATV wrecks (Ryan!!). Then we headed to Manuel Antonio where we spent 80% of our time in the beautiful infinity pool overlooking the ocean because it was too damn hot to do anything else.  We did take a hike through the rain forest to a secluded beach.  Ryan wanted a great snap of a wave about to hit him… he got it and lost the camera.  It was destined to be returned to us because 15 min later I thought I felt a rock only to have a wave deliver the camera right into my hand.  Somethings are meant to be…..


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