Amalfi Coast

Two trains and one crazy cab ride we arrived at the Amalfi coast.  The train ticket cost 8 euro.  Getting someone to help us figure out how to buy the train ticket cost us 15 euro. Crazy taxi ride was 50 euro.  Laughing the whole taxi ride because our driver was a little nuts (and … Continue reading

Colosseum Day, Rome

This was by far my favorite day.  We got up early to visit the Colosseum.  This was built 2000 years ago for the people of Rome to enjoy the “games”.  It was big enough to seat 15,000 people.  The first game of the day was all sorts of different animals (elephants, lions, tigers, panthers, etc) … Continue reading

Vatican Day, Rome

Oh dear God…  Day 2 was spent at the Vatican City.  We were able to see the Vatican museum, St. Peter’s Church and the Sistine Chapel (Michelanglo’s painted ceiling).  We could have done it in 30 minutes but had to stay with the tour that took 3 hours. Ryan wanted to kill me and leave. … Continue reading

Rome Day 1

Our hotel is a small bed and breakfast 2 minutes from the Pantheon.  Super great with updated bathrooms (which I guess is a rarity in  Rome).  Ryan and I are still trying to figure out how to use a bidet. Offering up different suggestions after a bottle of wine with dinner has been our greatest … Continue reading